VIPRE is my new favorite for antivirus software

I’ve been liking BitDefender at home for virus protection. BitDefender doesn’t use as many computer resources as some of the other major packages, and provides good protection. It’s been a solid performer for me. But there’s a new kid on…

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Pastor, secure thy router!

Recently, I found myself in the parking lot of a church with time on my hands. Booting up a laptop, I was surprised to find an unencrypted WiFi signal available. Wireless access points (wireless routers)¬†pose a wide range of potential…

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Filter web content to protect your staff

With more than 50 filtering categories available, using OpenDNS for your small office network is an easy way to protect your staff from bad web content and phishing attempts. You can use OpenDNS without creating an account: just point your…

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Simplified security appliance for small offices

What kind of computer threats will you face in 2009? I started this article hoping to craft a table to display various credible sources and their predictions for computer security in 2009. What I found, however, was chaos, with widely…

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Drupal, Joomla! or WordPress: which CMS is best?

Which content management system should you use? The short answer is: it depends. This note is not a scientific exploration of each CMS but a summarization of my impressions of each engine, after having used each for production websites. (You…

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